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Participating in from a familiar place.

(Now with correct hashtag)

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Participating in from a familiar place.

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I keep eying the @vcvrack@twitter.com site for their version 2 release that was said to be released in November.

I compiled the github version and it runs way smoother than the current app.

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Me !!!!!!!!

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Seriously on date formatting:

The MM-DD-YYYY is useless.
YYYY-MM-DD is the only way.

Who's with me?

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(The Hague - @ncsc_nl@twitter.com )

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I am lucky and privileged I have not experienced war first hand in my lifetime.

This captures its atrocities, great novels capture its atrocities, and the tears of my dad capture it, when he tells the stories about what he experienced as a kid in Arnhem September 44.

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Today in 1917 Alexander Waugh wrote this extraordinary letter before going over the top on the W Front

He was wrong. It wasn't his last. He survived after days pinned down in No Man's Land & managed to write home again. That was his last. He was killed days later on 1 Dec 1917.

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Haal je daar godsamme de New York Times mede.

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High demand for Covid testing in the Netherlands, combined with a worker shortage, is pushing the limits of the country’s health services, officials say.

New daily records were set Monday, with at least 116,000 appointments made and 91,000 people tested. nyti.ms/3noI9F1

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New Bonobo tracks are appearing on Spotify - looking forward to the full album ( open.spotify.com/album/2zSMwsG )

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The amazing miracle called immune system.

Any evolutionary biologist here who can tell when it appeared in evolution?

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I am blown away by this COVID vaccine video, one of the coolest things I have seen in a long time

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I read this with a certain envy.

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I spent my recent evenings writing an operating system in an assembly language that I also developed to compile to a custom bytecode that I also designed to run on an virtual machine that I also implemented.

A meditation on recursive complexity and what actually makes me happy.

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Ik mocht twee groepjes van 4 ontvangen.

Ik vi d het heel lief, maar t is in onze straat niet zo’n ding.

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Sint Maarten is ook nu nog een leuk feest, met allemaal kinderen aan de deur met leuke liedjes. En net als twee jaar geleden heb ik geturfd hoeveel kinderen er kwamen, met dit als resultaat twitter.com/arnoudwokke/status

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Paging @JefferyWestUK@twitter.com

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The shoe below was recovered from a Roman fort in modern-day Germany, in 1907. It is about 2,000 years old.

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Ethernet frame , IP packet, UDP datagram.

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Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn

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Swipe right —- turns page

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Medieval app to check degrees of consanguinity: is it safe to date? Cambridge UL Dd.7.14.

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Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!!!

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Decentralization does not mean blockchain, cryptocurrency or NFTs.

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Out today: Internet Impact Briefs - A New Way To Assess How Policies May Affect The Internet (and How You Can Create One) @ndunleavy@twitter.com @carlgahnberg@twitter.com @internetsociety@twitter.com internetsociety.org/blog/2021/

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Nice, Freedom Swag arrived.

I hope @FreedomNetNL@twitter.com will prosper, otherwise this will be the most expensive garment in my wardrobe.

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