It is not often one finds the IP journal on a reading table... (excluding the reading table at ::1 of course)

I am at the @AMS_IX building for a where I will talk with developers and dev-ops about the Internet.

If only DNSSEC... but then we could use DANE and cut out the. Whole DV business altogether. (I know the deployment model sucks for the use case)

« Mulit-perspective domain validation is live! "Multi-Perspective Validation Improves Domain Validation Security" @letsencrypt »

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The difference between cloud and edge computing is that you are still using somebody else’s computer.


I started using for a while… The last few days it starts crashing randomly on Mojave. Is it just me or is it not very mature yet?

A rough estimate based on these numbers gets me to 55 days for a functioning Hello World

« Time spent making something:

* 50% coding

* 90% debugging

* 120% stackoverflowing

* 200% googling

* 350% meetings

* 500% requirements gathering

* 1000% naming

* 65536% installing node modules folder »

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« President of the Foundation Board @C_Painter giving the keynote at 2020 Global Cybersecurity Capacity Building Conference - on the importance of cyber capacity building and the work of the GFCE! @oceania_cyber »

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Bloody disrespectful it is...

« I suspect that means he also wouldn’t understand the right-to-repair debate.

In case there was anyone still laboring under the misimpression that Bloomberg is qualified for public office. »

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« Excellent example of "Dig Once" policy in action. Road and fibre optic network being built simultaneously in Guinea, where it is apparently mandated by law. (via @InfosReseaux) »

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« Over 100 countries have, or are working on, data localisation legislation - Nicole Chan @ChanNicole4532 at Cooperation SIG »

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As we are trying to articulate the finer points of the Internet Model of Networkikg, I had a long conversation with @China_Digital to get a better feel for the relation of China with the Internet.

Two observations:
1 excellent portrait photography
2 the shoes... the shoes!

« 100 years ago in Australia, they let criminals have supplemental mug shots. Look at this dude! material, @WhoresofYore? »

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« ”Pre-crime” is a term from Philip K. Dick's 1956 sci-fi story "The Minority Report". It meant to ”identify and eliminate persons who will commit crimes in the future”.

There’s a talk in RSA 2020 about predictive policing technology using AI to identify pre-crime behavior. »

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« @Cellular_PP @EU_EDPB Many will also be surprised to learn that quite some devices, vehicles and machines are subject to "cookie law", requiring consent to allow access via a public network to *industrial data*, because that industrial data is not required for an "information society service"... »

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« I think many will be surprised how much *industrial data* will turn out to actually be regarded as *personal data* (by @EU_EDPB) because it is relatable to an identifiable natural person operating a machine, a vehicle or supervising a robot. »

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