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“Given these conditions, we conclude that the use of assassination as a political tool is likely to become more widespread in the coming years.”

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📚 | "ASSASSINATION: AN INCREASINGLY UNINHIBITED INSTRUMENT OF POWER" the English translation of the Research Paper No. 100 by Yvan LLEDO-FERRER and Damien VAN PUYVELDE (@DamienVP@twitter.com) is now available.

▶️ Read here : irsem.fr/institut/actualites/r

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This article by @mnot@twitter.com is an excellent read and… I agree.

Regulatory bodies rightly identify issues, but we need the right stakeholders at the table (Internet a d web architects among others) to solve them.


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God safe the queen - and all of her subjects....

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Official Government figures released this morning show Foreign Direct Investment into the UK in the year to March, at its lowest level (in terms of annual projects and jobs created) in a decade, at 1,538 projects, down 17% in past year, and down 32% since 2016-17 peak.

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🧵- well worth a read (the paper is on the reading list for later)

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1. We have a new paper out in PNAS today, in which we address the harm wrought by dramatically restructuring human communication of the span of a decade, with no aim other than selling ads.

It might be the most important paper of my career.


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Ever since the French have demonstrated, with Le Bureau des Legend, they can do Sandbagger-level spy drama, they are entitled to push this policy.

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Als je nog een 'stukkie' wilt kopen dan moet je snel zijn.

Freedom gaat als een warm broodje - Natuurlijk moet je je investering wel kunnen missen, want het kopen van Freedom is niet geheel zonder risico.
Toekomstig Freedom dividend is 'n mooie gedachte.


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In ieder geval niet met een aansluiting van @Caiway@twitter.com.

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Hoe u voor eind 2021 bereikbaar bent via ? Check in bij de deze week: twitter.com/openstandaarden/st

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Read through the 🧵.

I find historical manuscripts amazing as there is nothing between you and the author than the writing aid and the medium. Often you only see the medium, but here …. (Start reading)

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Stop scrolling.

We’ve found something a little bit special in the archive and we had to share it with you all …

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In the movie Zappa, Ruth Underwood (percussionist in the Mothers) plays the Black Page on the piano.

It is masterful and if you never understood Zappa as a composer listen to this.


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For the first time since I don’t know when I in a movie theatre for ‘Zappa (2020)’.

Looking at the audience I am pretty sure almost everybody has had their jab. imdb.com/title/tt4881578/

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“met zwart mondkapje op”

Verdacht … verdacht…


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Our director Evelyn Austin is one of fourteen new ngo leaders to have been awarded a New Executives Fund grant by @OpenSociety@twitter.com to help implement their organizational leadership visions. We’re grateful and honored to be part of this group! ⚡️

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Dank aan Cees Holtkamp voor ‘t pracht recept.

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On the reading list….

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This detailed analysis of the "Evolution of the Unix System Architecture”, from PDP-7 Unix to FreeBSD 11.0 by @CoolSWEng@twitter.com and @PAvgeriou@twitter.com is 👍.

Besides historical details, it also has a number of interesting lessons for software architecture evolution.


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Not caring is a strong economic incentive; Always take the 'not carers' into account in your deployment strategy.

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This is the effigy on the tomb of Inês de Castro (1325-55), the mistress & great love of King Peter I of Portugal. Here is the story of how poor Inês ended up in her tomb & how Peter coped with her death (spoiler - not well)

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When the org you work for relies on Letsencrypt, then try to get them to give structurally to LetsEncrypt too.

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Donate to @letsencrypt@twitter.com during their annual individual giving campaign and receive a 1Password gift card for free, courtesy of @1Password@twitter.com. letsencrypt.org/donate/

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Don’t ever say the cannot evolve.

The general purpose global network of networks keeps improving. The @ietf@twitter.com makes it better.

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