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More @NDSSSymposium@twitter.com workshops.

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Do you care about DNS privacy? Consider submitting your talk, position paper or paper to the DNS Privacy workshop, co-organised with NDSS 2021 -- dnsprivacy.org/wiki/display/DN

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Open publication policy the @NDSSSymposium@twitter.com has!

Submit those papers.

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Call For Papers! Submit your papers for the Third International Workshop on Automotive and Autonomous Vehicle Security (AutoSec) 2021. Deadline: January 4, 2021: ndss-symposium.org/ndss2021/cf

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Some serious in that article.

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👉🏻 “The Vintage Beauty Of Soviet Control Rooms”

🔗 designyoutrust.com/2018/01/vin

Whoa, some of them are proper Star Trek TOS

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An excellent movie at that!

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This was a great discussion & it was great to interact with such a smart group of students, and Jay of course! btw my background here is one of my posters — Colossus: The Forbin Project (1970) — the first movie where computers take over the world. twitter.com/jason_healey/statu

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In Dutch we do not have a ch-ligature I think.

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Learn German with ch-ligatures, 2. type

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It occurs to me that @theGFCE@twitter.com annual meeting is significantly more gender diverse than a few other meetings I’ve been in recently.

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The @theGFCE@twitter.com annual meeting has started... Using an interesting platform to simulate a conference experience.

It is unfortunate that face 2 face networking - so important - is replaced by looking at a screen...

But I am ready for it.

(No music will be played)

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So that is the stuff that dripped from Giuliano’s head

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This orientalist cake 🤣🤣😭😭


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It is surprising that some anti-virus companies do not have their products ready for Big Sur. Not the most interesting market perhaps but still - I assume that for those vendors OS X is an afterthought.

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Een Vlaai naar Limburgs recept. Het heeft wat lang geduurd maar ik heb er één gebakken.

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It is 6 am and I am participating in an @IETF@twitter.com WG called "Stay Home Meet Online".

There must be some irony in that, but it is too early to identify it.

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On solar-eclipse path and their relevance to US elections...

you get to love-to-hate data-scientists-with-to-much-time-on-their-hands after reading this.

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Some people like to compare the Presidential results by State or by Congressional or State Legislative seats but that is boring and probably useless. That is why I dug into 4000 years of Solar Eclipse Data to get the people the real answers!

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User agent asking the user for agency.

(This consultation is a good thing even though the question might be to complex technically for most users to assess)


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From the folk of @NLnetLabs@twitter.com a blog on the latest cache poisoning attacks and how the Unbound resolver deals with it.

SAD DNS and NLnet Labs DNS software blog.nlnetlabs.nl/sad-dns-side

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Turned out it is not quite as being described. See blog.jacopo.io/en/post/apple-o

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Onions - the best example that ‘cooking is the art of carbonization’

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Whoa. This is pretty bad - if as described, which I have little reason to doubt.

And can be argued to be a national security risk when OS X is used in a gov setting.


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I am so happy with

Recommending it with pleasure!


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