Damn you @LinkedIn, I get more cold call spam from you than from barristers that represent my aunt and tell me I am in her will.

Thread! t.co/uEdPrwXem2

« Much of what’s being sold as "AI" today is snake oil. It does not and cannot work. In a talk at MIT yesterday, I described why this happening, how we can recognize flawed AI claims, and push back. Here are my annotated slides: cs.princeton.edu/~arvindn/talk t.co/pmOTI3vq8p »

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Now that is a simple packet - why can’t they all be like that

(credit @madofo) t.co/mM3DvXVcMB

« This week, @01net interviewed GCSC Commissioner Jeff Moss (@thedarktangent) and Director of the GCSC Secretariat Alexander Klimburg on "cyberwar" and what we can do to prevent it. Read the full article here: bit.ly/37hcGuc. t.co/PdNiJgp5qt »

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of the day.

Everybody, join the Not-My-Area-Of-Expertise Club!

The last thing the miner heard was a canary chirp.

Can we appropriate this sculpture for the Internet....

No better. Any artists out there willing to design such sculpture or artwork?


« The Genius of Telegraphy (1915)
Art by American sculptor Evelyn Beatrice Longman (1874-1954) t.co/gITOLIoflW »

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« We hoopten na een week 5.000 founding members te hebben bij Freedom Internet, maar zitten inmiddels op een cijfer met vier nullen er achter… Wauw!! Dank voor alle steun, jullie overtreffen weer alle verwachtingen! Aanmelden als founding member kan op freedom.nl »

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« In oneven jaren proberen we doorbreekbare encryptie en in even jaren stemcomputers. De veerkracht van sommige beleidsmakers is evenredig aan hun onvermogen advies van experts te aanvaarden. »

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Pretty brilliant piece of plausible deniability. That message got all the media attention without even being released.
All of us who oppose this idea helped spread it. t.co/B7n9HAoBPc

« More from @nicoleperlroth HT @Ryan_ISOC twitter.com/nicoleperlroth/sta »

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I will tell my philosopher friends... t.co/Tw6H4GLg39

« I’m very pleased that Diogenes is getting some Twitter love, though please remember “but it’s for philosophy” will not get you off the hook for indecent exposure, pooing on the floor, or masturbating in public. You have been warned. twitter.com/whoresofyore/statu »

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