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Na vele jaren trouwe dienst hebben we ‘m ingeruild. Nu staat hij te koop in Harderwijk.


Goed onderhouden met bijvoorbeeld een net nieuwe turbo.

Ben wel blij met de Volvo die we nu rijden. autotrack.nl/a/saab-9-5-estate

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Ik ben één van de vele vijftigers die even stilstaat en denkt aan de brommer die hij niet had en zijn vrienden wel.
(Ik heb hier nog geen vrouwen zien stilstaan)

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Any of my followers managed to get USB working on an ASRock z270 using ? I get the log-in window but no USB support.

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I see this picture and I immediately think - which boot loader: clover or opencore

Sometimes my tech brain collides with my policy brain in weird ways.

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Oké fans.

Can you do a infographics like this one. It was made for Primer, still one of the best time travel movies ever.


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This is a top athlete. after his solo last weekend where he battled to the last second to come in 3rd he now kept everybody at a distance till last minute.

What a beautiful tournament the Tour is.

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🏆 @MarcHirschi@twitter.com WINS AFTER A SOLO ATTACK!

🏆 @MarcHirschi@twitter.com S'IMPOSE EN SOLITAIRE !


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It is against Scottish law to produce a map of the UK which shows the Shetland Islands in a box.

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You people should all be sad that you do not smell what I smell here.

cheese smells like stables... oh wait my neighbor knocks on my door asking me to wrap whatever I unwrapped....

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San Francisco is experiencing the awesome power of Lambda^4

Same reason the sky is blue normally.

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Ter informatie: de @TriodosNL@twitter.com app crashed op IOS 14.0 beta 8 (18A5373a).

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I don’t think I can break the law in a very specific and limited way.

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🚨 Brandon Lewis confirms the Government will break international law on EU Withdrawal Deal:

"Yes, this does break international law in a very specific and limited way". t.co/6B8pU5M2cH

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The art of the criminal deal: announce the offer so that can’t been refused.

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Here the moment President Vucic 🇷🇸 was informed that he was going to move his Israel 🇮🇱 embassy to Jerusalem. t.co/8195dGDZQT

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Come on these are not obscure...

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A list of some of the more obscurely named Unix commands

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Shipwrecks around Great Britain... that is a lot of ships.

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Someone posted this: redd.it/fry539 @samuriinbred@twitter.com

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Series two of the Boys and I still am not used to the fact that Hughie ain’t Scottish.

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It doesn’t need to be an IoT device to be a shitty needless ‘automated’ thing.


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I saw a tweet recently that I wanted to confirm. Sadly I can't find it right now, but it was about digital pregnancy tests.
So, I went out and grabbed a 2-pack for 7 dollars: let's tear it down!

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By tweeting it, I spread it too :-(

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