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Typo: Tomita and Kraftwerk both pioneered in the 70s.

And then there was Klaus Schulze - not that melodically interesting . More of the ambient soundscaping school.

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Nice thread - to add: in the 80s kraftwerk and Tomita (granted, he played covers) already demonstrated melodically interesting music can be done electronically.

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I've been thinking a lot lately about the kind of music I love the most (90s electronic music) and how it was seemingly influenced by naïveté to music theory, and the specific tools used.

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Followers - this is indeed an awesome lab!

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We’re hiring a senior C developer, based in Amsterdam or remote, to bring our resolver Unbound to even higher levels of awesomeness. nlnetlabs.nl/careers/openings/

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Please please - let this thread go absolute viral.

has a lovely warmth to it but is also a scary demonstration of .

It is going to be so important to have guardrails and education around this.

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Myheritage.com has created some sort of animate your old photos application and I'm of course using it to feed my history addiction.
I apologise in advance to all the ancestors I'm about to offend.

Very fake history.

I'm sorry Queenie.

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is een leuk programma maar de musical van groep 6 wordt beter gemixt.

Jammer hoor.

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Belangrijk stuk. Juist omdat statistiek best een lastig vak is.

Ik heb mijn studie materiaal altijd bewaard en kijk het zo nu en dan eens in - om dan te beseffen dat fouten in de statistiek makkelijk -‘meer dan gemiddeld’- gemaakt worden.


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A threat on that weighs more than the whole camel. (Nice @fanf@twitter.com!)

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OK I am failing to resist so here is my answer to the question of what is a subdomain ... 🧵 twitter.com/b0rk/status/136544

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Only a few words off from a real quote:

"Intelligent software-controlled graph oriented quantum structures provide a safety plane with redundant multi-mode content facilitation which is highly scalable and deliver business value in a multi-oriented graphene based economy"

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Happy to share

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The @GlobalCyberAlln@twitter.com is HIRING a veteran @craignewmark@twitter.com scholar. The program is open to U.S. Armed Forces veterans and transitioning U.S. military who are interested in cybersecurity. If interested please apply, and others please share. globalcyberalliance.org/job/cr

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I am afraid I already past point 7. Not sure when and how, but that tweet is surely out there. (Or maybe it is this one)

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Twitter rules (a reminder):

1. Don't tweet before coffee or after alcohol.
2. Don't feed the trolls.
3. When in doubt, verify before RT.
4. Correct mistakes.
5. The mute button is your friend
6. Always give proper credit.
7. You are one tweet away from ruining your life.

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⁦@C_Painter@twitter.com⁩ is Billion Dollar Brain (1967) on your cybermovie list.

The Harry Palmer series is worth watching regardless.

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If communications and event organisation is your thing, come and work for a cool multinational organisation that is non-profit and supports Research and Education across the globe. We serve a large community with many events and publications.
@GEANTnews@twitter.com geant.current-vacancies.com/Jo

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Ohhhh ... tempting .... I have a pair of dexters, best shoe I ever bought.

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“Life doesn't have to be perfect. It just has to be lived.” jeffery-west.co.uk/jefferywest

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Paging @MapPornTweet@twitter.com

(This is where my professional interest meets my fascination with maps)

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@jfslowik@twitter.com Classic...

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Nou ⁦@huskenmarian@twitter.com⁩ en ⁦@HarryLensink@twitter.com⁩ - van die podcast zijn jullie voorlopig nog niet af.

Police in Germany and Belgium make Europe's biggest ever cocaine bust

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Belangrijk draadje.

Voor als je je ooit hebt afgevraagd of je zelf nog wel beslissingen neemt of dat je gedrag sterk beïnvloed wordt.

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Het is tijd om een halt toe te roepen aan de sluwe manipulatie door sociale media platformen. Daarom hebben we onderzoek laten doen naar de verschillende vormen van manipulatie op deze platformen.

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Two subsequent tweets on my timeline from @upulie@twitter.com and @mnot@twitter.com that coincidentally make the same point on the weird idea that billionaires know best.

It’s like calling for benevolent dictators.

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(Ilya Repin - 1888)

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