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Looks like the report cover is plagiarized from a Captcha…

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Naarden (Stitched Drone Panorama)

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Decrypted and re-encrypted…

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Talk about introducing friction

In 1852 telegraph messages were translated at a border station between France and the German Empire before they could continue their way


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Godwin’s law, anybody?

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Content drift is how a piece of linked content may change over time such that what was once linked may in fact now be very different.

Here's a thread on content drift and link rot from Harvard's Jonathan @zittrain@twitter.com : twitter.com/zittrain/status/13 — at least it was when I posted this.

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This is excellent.

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The Standard Model is the most successful scientific theory of all time. On the Quanta YouTube channel, David Tong, a theoretical physicist at the University of Cambridge, explains how the model comes together and what it’s still missing. youtube.com/watch?v=Unl1jXFnzg

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Klassieke WC—Eend

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Felicitaties voor de prijs (terechte winnaars), maar NRC Vandaag is zeker niet de best beluisterde podcast van Nederland… Er wordt een onderzoek geciteerd waar alleen podcasts in voorkomen die betalen om in die lijst te staan, en NRC doet dat.

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Staring at this seal...

An eagle within the | > operator. It says something about the state of the State, doesn't it?

Schroedingers nation.

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Does it say ‘ping’?

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We powered up the mysterious Up-data Test Box from the Apollo space program. It showed some lights and numbers on the display but we're still trying to figure out exactly what it does. 🧵

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In dit bijzondere jaar kunnen we de boze brieven van Age er weer eens bijpakken.

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In dit bijzondere jaar kunnen we de boze brieven van Age er weer eens bijplakken.

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Leve de man van de SRV van je hiep hiep hiep hoezee!

(Nog even werken aan de gender bias in die loei oude slagzin)

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Ideetje: in plaats van koeriers die allemaal afzonderlijk boodschappen door de stad bezorgen: een rijdend magazijn dat direct aan je deur levert

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Don’t want to spoil the fun, But I do t think the German dictionary contains many more words…. It is when you start to do letter substitution (I➡️1, o➡️0, E➡️3, &c, &c) that the word length buys you password entropy.

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German: the safer language

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And a shitload of salt

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head empty just tomatoes

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🍎 - metaphor thread

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"Hello! We're here to make some upgrades to your home. No, you have no real choice.

Yes, we're fitting cameras to every room, but we're only using them to monitor for Bad Things which we define and can add to at any time.

If you've nothing to hide, what have you to fear?"

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And later they all morph into butterflies - that is even more amazing.

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A group of caterpillars, moving in a formation known as a rolling swarm. This rolling swarm of caterpillars moves faster than any single caterpillar. 🐛

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This is what happens when you give the flower committee a use-it-or-lose it budget.

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A year ago to the day it looked like I was about to explode.

And I did, a day after that picture was taken.

That was a strong incentive to get to a healthy BMI again - now the challenge is keeping it.

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