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Good piece

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Why the Founding Fathers would want us all to have fast Internet yhoo.it/3iip55V by @MaxZahn_@twitter.com and @serwer@twitter.com

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🧡 on a Yugoslavian DIY Z80 build.

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In 1948, Yugoslavia was expelled from Cominform, the Soviet information agency, in retaliation for its "non-aligned" status; deprived of information-processing capacity, the country created its own IT industry from scratch.


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Comme on ⁦@JoeBeOne@twitter.com, ⁩ DC is all over the place and changing direction all the time. To my estimate you are at least a factor 10^40 off there.



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It is what a postcard of Austria looks like.

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This is what Austria looks like.

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🧡 lezenswaardig draadje 🧡

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Een draadje met tweets in chronologische volgorde met mijn belangrijkste observaties/kritiek tav viruswaanzin en Willem Engel

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So that was what the old bugger was about when he said he was flying a kite.

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In 1745, Benjamin Franklin wrote to a young man, advising him on why he should take a much older woman to be his mistress instead of a young one. He gave eight reasons for this.

A thread πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

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🧡 quite saddening

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This is the work of Chinese artist, Pan Yuliang (ζ½˜ηŽ‰θ‰―, 1895 – 1977). Pan became famous for being the first woman to paint in xiyanghua, (Western style), but her work on nudes was also highly controversial & drew considerable criticism.


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Good company.


As an advisor of 45 I would be concerned after reading the fate of some of Charles VI’th knights on July 1, 1392

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Trump defends his cognitive test results to Chris Wallace, who points out that one of the questions is to identify an elephant. "They get very hard, the last five questions," Trump says.

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Petrus has lousy - showing his key for everyone to copy.

The turbo of our Saab blew... which is a bit of a bitch when you are pulling a caravan...

(or Toot)

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My screen is slowly turning Green

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Vacation preps

The stack of partially and unread books that are being packed.

All non fiction it seems.

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Twitter... be happy you can’t smell this and be sad you can’t taste it either.

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Voor meiden en jongens met tallent.

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De is officieel begonnen. Lukt het jou om alle duizelingwekkende challenges op te lossen? Neem snel een kijkje op: jscu.summerschool.sh!

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Thread - a Citrix admin must read.

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Since December, @GDI_FDN@twitter.com has reported over 98 thousand vulnerable Citrix Netscalers to their organizations or their ISP and monitoring over 120 thousand servers. The Dutch Security Hotline of @DIVDnl@twitter.com is reporting vulnerable instances in the Netherlands. securitymeldpunt.nl/2020/01/15

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The recent @Apple@twitter.com session "Boost performance and security with modern networking" explains how , , and many more developed in the work--and how they make today's Internet experience faster and more secure: developer.apple.com/videos/pla

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Vergroting van de digitale weerbaarheid is belangrijkste instrument tegen cyberincidenten. (CSBN 2020) NCSC werkt samen met bedrijven, om hun digitale weerbaarheid te versterken. Hoe werkt dit in de haven van Rotterdam? ncsc.nl/actueel/nieuws/2020/ju

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Thanks, accidentally hysterical ad campaign gif making person. I'll never be able to read Artisanal "normally" again.

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