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Eigenlijk hadden ze die paardenkop, een delicate, in zijn bed willen leggen.

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Boeren zoeken in quarantaine zittende Rob Jetten (D66) thuis op met ‘gezond voedselpakket’

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Watching @nielstenoever@twitter.com’ thesis defense from the comfort of my lazy chair.
Would have loved to be in the room.

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⁦@aliterative@twitter.com⁩ would charge $1 for half a glas.

Donald Trump's company charged the government $3 to serve him a glass of water. slate.com/news-and-politics/20

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I am curious about the exact set of standards that browsers need to implement.

Any of my followers has a pointer to an English translation? thehill.com/policy/cybersecuri

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Binged Giri/Haji on Netflix

Will not give it a 10 but can certainly recommend it.

A thriller with strong graphical Hentai related images, interesting characters, and a endearing exploration of the complexities of love.

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The problem is that the ability to do dual stack is not evenly distributed and that developing economies bear the cost of transition techniques.

For them to deploy V6 only, content must be available for those communities over V6 - also the long tail.

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Now available in English: IPv4/IPv6 dual stack better, but more expensive and less future-proof than DS-Lite and 464XLAT. -only is slowly coming closer. sidn.nl/en/news-and-blogs/ipv4

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Reading about a descent national poll.

The rule in India is that nobody lives further than 2 km from a polling station.
The result is a 900 million people casting a vote and the highest polling station at 15.256 feet (ppl live in the Himalayas).

The US can learn from this.

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They are actually shots from “Killer Hornets” a movie now in post production.


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These look like photos from the set of a sci-fi film but they actually show Washington State Dept of Agriculture workers in protective suits vacuuming hundreds of 2-inch-long invasive Asian giant hornets from the first nest found in the U.S. apnews.com/article/insects-was

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Whilst mucking about with a based GPS synchronised server I created a few plugins to track the various sources.

I'd appreciate feedback.


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Good question, not as trivial as one might think.
I guess @alcyonsecurity@twitter.com is asking for a friend #🇺🇸♾2020

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Tweeps, I have a challenge for you:

What would you do to convince the general public that you have access to a high-profile Twitter account, against all expectations. Please note:
- No violation of privacy
- Least chance of conviction

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Ik kan hier niet lopen zonder te denken aan Jiskefets Dierenwinkel aflevering De Fret/Anton

Snel een dierenbon halen

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Read the thread then see the video.

How many people will get the satire?

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The US Government has made an ad about QAnon and it’s surprisingly honest and informative. 🐇 t.co/7HKMPPYCD1

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Pretty disturbing indeed - read thread.
(Disclaimer: some of the quoted material is paywalled and I could not fully read those sources)

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This is a disturbing development.

Last Friday, Facebook sent a cease-and-desist letter to two NYU researchers (@LauraEdelson2@twitter.com and Damon McCoy), demanding that they shut down their research into political ads and disinformation on FB’s platform.


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Today at ⁦@ChathamHouse@twitter.com⁩ I referred to the comfortable foot ware that I was wearing while presenting on the panel.

Which one is left to the reader, the boot from ⁦@JefferyWestUK@twitter.com⁩ or the sturdy German made slippers.


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Final session of the ⁦@ChathamHouse@twitter.com⁩ conference.

This is what it looks like from the speakers view....

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I was completely ignorant about the existence of the Agnotology field.

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Agnotology is the study of ignorance. We often think of ignorance as what we don't know, but people can manufacture ignorance through manipulation of knowledge. It's painful to watch agnotology in action as the world watches.

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Participating in from the home office is somewhat different from being in the ⁦@ChathamHouse@twitter.com⁩ itself. But it is good to see ⁦@lathareddy51@twitter.com⁩ and ⁦@JoyceHakmeh@twitter.com⁩ on this panel.

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Yeah and “maga2020” -hat tip to @0xDUDE@twitter.com

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Passwords are your first step in protecting your account, so it’s important to create a strong one.

Some not-so-great, but commonly used, passwords?

🟥 password
🟥 123456
🟥 qwerty
🟥 iloveyou

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