« Un échange de qualité pour lutter contre les contenus haineux aux côtés de notre partenaire français @cedric_o et d'experts de la question @brhodes, @martintisne, @kolkman @KrisinMana t.co/kQSeahKv2P »

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« .@ParisPeaceForum High-level session on "Fake News No More: Tracking Online disinformation and hateful content". @kolkman @cedric_o @JaneCoombsNZ @brhodes @martintisne. t.co/XlFM6pqfys »

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Billy Burroughs and in the same tweet.

“Kom er nog eens om” I’d say in Dutch

2nd time this week I had a Dr Benway association.
“You young squirts couldn’t lance a pimple without an electric vibrating scalpel with automatic drain and suture…. Soon we’ll be operating by remote control on patients we never see…. We’ll be nothing but button pushers. “

Massive Attack playing in the Hotel breakfast room. What a good start of the day.

« Official presentation of the @theGCSC final report at the @ParisPeaceForum, by the GCSC members including commissioner Prof. Frédérick Douzet (@geode_science). t.co/CjCtKaelfG »

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« Strengthen your core. Use to . Use to a requested DNS record comes from its authoritative server and wasn’t altered en route. Use tools to help automate and check functionality from @NLnetLabs @sidnlabs @ripelabs twitter.com/thegcsc/status/119 »

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« @ministerBlok received first copy of @theGCSC report on norms & principles in .
Now we need to close the accountability gap. Governments, industry & civil society must work together to assemble evidence & call out malicious state behavior.

@ParisPeaceForum t.co/jlRaOEcrLR »

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« Check out this new blog post from @kolkman about the Paris Peace Forum this week to take basic measures -- like -- to reduce cyber crime attack vectors. Peace and Cyber Hygiene ow.ly/yTb730pSpUa »

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Some reflections on Peace and Cyber Hygiene

Showcases some of the collaborative initiatives that we highlight at the Paris Peace Forum internetsociety.org/blog/2019/

« The Internet is not a “thing” it is a result of collaboration and sharing @kolkman at the @ParisPeaceForum t.co/S9gf5z1eDJ »

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« Update on initiatives from the @internetsociety by @kolkman: In getting to a trustworthy Internet, collaboration is the key ingredient for success. t.co/QvekW9bg7J »

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« It's been 25 years now that the Internet have been introduced in Madagascar and the ccTLD .mg have been created! Join us to celebrate these major steps in the digital world in Madagascar ! @mesupres @MPTNT_GOV_MG @ISOC_Africa @AFNIC @internetsociety @orange_mg t.co/wEPHKc7R5a »

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« Our head of publications, @M_Hecker just started moderating a panel at the on initiatives taken since the Paris call for a safer . Speakers include @HenriVerdier, @BrandaoKruse, and @kolkman. t.co/Njk9idSdbT »

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Minister Blok launching the report of the Global Commission in Cyberspace. @theGCSC

See cyberstability.org/report/ for the report. t.co/e4qh6oLfaw

« Boarding Big Blue Bird @KLM. Kolkata is calling. Sharing knowledge and best practices on keeping the Internet open, free, stable and resilient. Look forward to the debates! And some sunshine 😉. t.co/XS1EpS7dYy »

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« The final report is now on-line, it is the culmination of three years of work. @theGCSC is unique in that it has a research component to inform our deliberations with actual data and community feedback along the way. Please read and help work toward the goals in your own way. twitter.com/theGCSC/status/119 »

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