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Good piece

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Why the Founding Fathers would want us all to have fast Internet yhoo.it/3iip55V by @MaxZahn_@twitter.com and @serwer@twitter.com

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‘De bedreigers van onze democratie komen vermomd als de verdedigers ervan’ | Nieuwe Revu revu.nl/artikel/306854/de-bedr

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Coincidence or not.... this is what Spotify’s release radar suggested this week.


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🧵 on a Yugoslavian DIY Z80 build.

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In 1948, Yugoslavia was expelled from Cominform, the Soviet information agency, in retaliation for its "non-aligned" status; deprived of information-processing capacity, the country created its own IT industry from scratch.


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Was dat die demonstratie met food trucks waar het bedienend personeel handen wassen, het gaar koken van de kip, en het op prionen testen van de beef burgers een fundamentele inperking van de vrijheid vonden?

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Malieveld anti-corona waanzinnigen: 'keurige' burgers boven opelkaar, selfies voor hun kinderen/ouders - echt het goede voorbeeld - wat een onverantwoordelijke domheid

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Comme on ⁦@JoeBeOne@twitter.com, ⁩ DC is all over the place and changing direction all the time. To my estimate you are at least a factor 10^40 off there.



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It is what a postcard of Austria looks like.

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This is what Austria looks like.

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Just listened to episode 22 of the @HistoryOfNL@twitter.com podcast. It is a masterful story.

Actually: The whole series is masterful and well documented - I highly recommend it.


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Men over 6ft are TWICE as likely to get infected with Covid-19, study claims  dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8

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I withdraw my BGP jokes.

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We trapten bussie
in verlaten straten
en zochten spoor
in van geheim door-
drongen zomeravonden
en kochten klapkauwgom
met indianenplaatjes
en het portret van
Olivia de Havilland

(Deelder - uit het 891 regels tellende gedicht Portret van Olivia ...) nrc.nl/nieuws/2020/07/26/de-ha

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I have an encryption joke!

jisr tabb akrb nymx yoxn qqop ixud qrzh lkqg sfxr mlja dvox twzd grmq qdhw mnai egvh phzw uogp kvbw etuf oofa ohmm orgo sbye qzps rwhw tzft psey jvnt

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Straight from a CSI Vegas episode.

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I will not be taking questions at this time t.co/nf4BF4akSA

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Funny evilness...
Somewhat like placing a wobbly bucket of dong above the door of your empty shed.

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Managed to improve this in many ways:

ahu@server:/var/www/ds9a.nl$ dd if=/dev/zero of=wp-login.php bs=1024000 count=1 seek=2000000

ahu@server:/var/www/ds9a.nl$ ls -lh wp-login.php
-rw-rw-r-- 1 ubuntu ubuntu 1.9T jul 26 11:28 wp-login.php

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🧵 lezenswaardig draadje 🧵

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Een draadje met tweets in chronologische volgorde met mijn belangrijkste observaties/kritiek tav viruswaanzin en Willem Engel

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So that was what the old bugger was about when he said he was flying a kite.

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In 1745, Benjamin Franklin wrote to a young man, advising him on why he should take a much older woman to be his mistress instead of a young one. He gave eight reasons for this.

A thread 👇🏼

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By retweeting this joke I am violating good MANRS by announcing something bad.

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I made a BGP joke that was so good the audience flapped for hours.

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Uit te spreken met Amsterdamse tongval: Wat ‘n tering goed stukkie van die pleuris koters.

‘Laten we hopen dat verwensingen als ‘krijg de k(ó)rone’ snel ingeburgerd raken’ parool.nl/ts-bd7af303 via @parool@twitter.com

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Yes! Alex is right. Security research is a key to improving the systems that are in global use and rate to big to fail.
It is time for another disruptive player in this space. Unfortunately there is the double network effects and the incredible Usability of the Apple products.🧵

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