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Feedback to the ideas of the Mauritius lawmaker that wants to introduce a proxy and and a committee to deal with illegal and harmful content on social media platforms.

Summary in 3 words: Harms the Internet!


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Clue is an absolute variable, not a relative one.

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A global shortage of....people who understand the reality of offensive cyber operations (and not the comic book IR version) and how to use them for strategic effect. I've heard this from three countries this week

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Ik ben het daar in ieder geval wel mee eens. Maar ik ben geen jurist, ik ben een Internet specialist met begrip van het belang van encryptie op het internet.

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@Het_OM@twitter.com @MartijnEgberts1@twitter.com En, tenslotte, om misverstanden te voorkomen, is het OM het met ons eens dat sleutelbeheer een integraal onderdeel is van encryptie? 4/4

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Toch mooi dat Hemelvaart (wie weet nog waar dat over gaat) samenvalt met Eid al-Fitr.

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Is t ook beschikbaar in het Engels? (vraag het voor een pijpleiding vriend)

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De gemiddelde herstelkosten na een ransomware-aanval zijn meer dan verdubbeld. Maar hoe zit het met het herstelvermogen van organisaties? Die vraag stond bij @ncsc_nl@twitter.com aan de basis van het nu verschenen TNO-rapport Herstelvermogen binnen IT infrastructuren. ferm-rotterdam.nl/nl/nieuws/he

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I recently starting binging this podcast series. It is pretty good!

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Ep 92: The Pirate Bay

Listen to @brokep@twitter.com talk about all the ways The Pirate Bay was attacked and taken down. And guess what, the site's still up 17 years on.


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Paging @DNS_BORAT@twitter.com - who has a few patients and prior art in this space.

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A few thoughts on this:
1. @swalshreport@twitter.com and @etaylaw@twitter.com and I called years ago and in our paper last year.
2. We were right and you were wrong (you know who you are...).
3. How brazen is China that they apply for this after everything on 6 May 2021? 4 days ago. Let that sink in. twitter.com/dml/status/1391794

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Thread - (on which I declare a COI)

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Out of everything I do, I spend most of my time being very clear and specific about what is end-to-end encryption and why it's important. Some links for reference, varying in accessibility and context:

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Spring! Weed is growing everywhere.

Here is the โ€˜Opticus Fibreliusโ€™ with its specific orange color. Well known for its addictive properties.

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Paging @HistoryOfNL@twitter.com - here is challenge for you- just like the episode where you discussed condiments.

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I just overheard this conversation: โ€œ[this is โ€ฆ ] technology that only has utility for criminals - they can use code to coordinate drug drops. We should block GitHub to prevent it from spreading.โ€

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I set myself a programming challenge: Make a system which can turn any location on Earth into 5 words. I now have something which works. It has about 11 meters of precision and a basic checksum so a lot of typos/misheard words can be detected.

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If you havenโ€™t listened to Jaga Jazzist in the past 18 years you can still start now.

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May 6 2003 was the international release date for โ€œThe Stixโ€. Thatโ€™s 18 years ago today! @ninjatune@twitter.com @supersound@twitter.com

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This turns into an interesting conversation with @althtcybrsisgld@twitter.com .

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Does the US have a group of deniable non-USG-affiliated hackers it can sic on other countries?

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This is so important. I have always said, technology is pervasive. Once invented it cannot be uninvented. Thinking about the potential disruption of killer robots now is important. So is taking the appropriate action.

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@kolkman@twitter.com @itsDanielSuarez@twitter.com Oh snap, it's on YouTube: youtu.be/bBdDq_JX-eQ

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But โ€ฆ but โ€ฆ are pure

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Because are so very effectiveโ€ฆ.

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Als boef eindig je altijd tussen 6 vlakken. Of de cel of de kist. Maar de kist in op je ouwe dag is voor dit soort penoze toch een uitzondering.

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Hasjveteraan Jack Stroek overleden (79) parool.nl/a-bfafc80f

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