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Zo ziet de podcast keuken er dus uit.

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In aflevering 16 van praten Wouter en Christian met advocaat @mrpetrabreukink@twitter.com en @ivdmaesen@twitter.com van @Slachtofferhulp@twitter.com over een zeer bijzondere zaak. Stomdronken een ongeluk veroorzaken maar toch onschuldig.. Luister hier: open.spotify.com/episode/50BF1

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De zon zit midden in een bel met sterren aan de rand - NRC

Doet me denken aan mijn promotie onderzoek: interactie tussen interstellair medium en stemvorming in M33 en M31.


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Zomaar een pakhuis.

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Zomaar een huis in Amsterdam, op de Bloemgracht, waar er duizenden van zijn. Niets bijzonders aan, maar wat een kracht en schoonheid. Geen enkele nieuwbouw kan daaraan tippen. Het is jammer maar het is niet anders.

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@JoeBeOne@twitter.com I see you like this tweet. Don’t tell me you listen to @napleiten@twitter.com

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Leuke @napleiten@twitter.com aflevering. Hoe je soms geluk hebt met de mensen om je heen.

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Amazing 🧵

@TarynDeVere@twitter.com here is a suggestion.
For February dress as emoticons that have been collected in response to this thread.

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My style challenge for Jan is to dress inspired by something in my house each day. Today it's sink unblocker.

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Oh wow... a small ancient planetarium. Fascinating.

Were there mechanical clocks in that era, or was a reliable motor not available.

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This is one of the true testaments of the ancient Greek's ingenuity - the Antikythera mechanism, or the world's first computer ever: scientificamerican.com/article @kolkman@twitter.com @JoeBeOne@twitter.com

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No easter eggs in curl daniel.haxx.se/blog/2021/12/06 - With the risk of completely ruining my chances of ever being considered a fun person, I’ll take you through my thought process on why curl does not feature any Easter eggs.

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Read the whole thread, the additional clarfication by @NSA_CSDirector@twitter.com is particularly relevant.

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Heard from someone who will need a security clearance for their first job out of college that they’re afraid to install Signal bc they heard it might seem like they’re a criminal.

Repeat after me: a desire to have a private conversation is not an intent to commit a crime.

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This @PCHglobal@twitter.com bag has served me well. Has been my favorite for years.

I left it laying about after a trip years pre corona with a piece of fruit in it. Now it smells funny and has to go.

Good memories.

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What else happened during that period that could explain the decline.

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Since The Netherlands adopted a small deposit on small plastic bottles the number of thrown-away bottles on the streets immediately dropped 70%. It took much civil action energy and many years to convince government to take this super simple measure…

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Sitting duck??? 🪑🦆

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Marines perform boarding exercises with jetpacks and land on a high-speed ship

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Can glue a Gnu in place.

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Unix - Now in liquid form.

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Stukje over in de AGConnect.

Ik mocht mijn wantrouwen uiten over de governance.


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Dagje te laat, maar goed.

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Wij zijn met meer ❤️

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This is seriously geeky

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🧵 Making a cpu using an analog modular synthesizer

I'd appreciate if you might share this, it was fun but writing it up was a lot of work :3

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Die Oortwolk, dat is gewoon de oliebollenkraam van de Schepper.

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Deze kan zo gebruikt worden als asteroïde in de film Don’t look Up

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Het geheim van de goede oliebol

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