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A header file with a bug. So typical for 2020

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Summing up feelings about 2020 as a C header file.

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Goed stukkie. Ben blij dat ik al heel lang bijdraag aan de Stichting Skepsis.

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‘De kracht van complottheorieën beangstigt me wel’ nrc.nl/nieuws/2021/01/18/de-kr

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Olaf- decapitated and decomposing (melting).

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Als variatie op de porseleinvlieg in t urinoir?

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Ik preek graag voor eigen parochie - dus met liefde ge-retweet.

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"De top van NL high-tech bedrijven zit vol met juristen en financiële professionals. Ik zou er voor pleiten dat we in de directie van een tech bedrijf toch op zijn minst 1 techneut plaatsen" twitter.com/cryptoron/status/1

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Let u vooral op de hoeveelheid paden die uitkomen bij “eigen schuld”. - meesterlijk

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Wie z’n schuld is het? Ontdek het nu zelf met deze megahandige beslisboom!

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With the disclaimer that I am not a US constitutional lawyer: YES YES YES!


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Apply too - of course

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I am going to make an effort to move away from WhatsApp - an uphill battle with the network effect.

But if most of my friends and most significant groups have moved I will uninstall.

Dear friends, please see signal.org!

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If you needed more incentive to leave -- new terms of service means it can share (even more) sensitive data (like location or your contacts) with


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Tip voor de van @nrc@twitter.com:

"Trumps Kabaalstaat"

Misschien kan @Japked@twitter.com een goed woordje doen.

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I was reading this with yesterday in mind and my dyslectic mind saw: Kabaalstaat

Which would be a good Dutch word to describe the situation in the US (and other parts of the world).

Kabaal=noise, of an unpleasant kind

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In German, the word for when cables under the desk tangle and create a mess is "Kabelsalat"—"cable salad."

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This guy will likely be pardoned - he should be in orange.

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The looting of democracy.

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1-06 is the new 9-11

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I predict - there is a blanket pardon for anybody who will be prosecuted by this.

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Facebook is a newstand. But no one can see which news Facebook is pushing to the top.

So we built an app for that called . Our first finding: the sharp impact of Facebook’s political ad ban reversal in the Georgia Senate elections.
themarkup.org/citizen-browser/ /1

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