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« And thank you and the @theGCSC for adopting the public core concept, working and elaborating on it and giving it a global stage. Thanks especially to @woodyatpch and @kolkman who started their thinking on the technical aspects of the public core even pre global commission »

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Folk at the

In which room is the launch of the GCSS?

That is the Global Circus of Stumbling Stakeholders.

Pretty cool... I remember us talking about this at Chez Jacky... back in the days when that restaurant still existed... your idea took quite a ride....

« Looks like the protection of the public core of the internet has now truly become a chefsache! »

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Today I’ll be speaking in3 sessions at

In OF16 (12:00) about Internet Security framework as an implementation of the Malabo convention

In Raum V (13:15) with the @theGCSC presenting our report

At BPF Cybersecurity (15:00) about

« A Community Network is a "DIY network" built by people for people. They are not only connecting communities, but also empowering rural and remote communities to improve their lives. Here's how you can get involved: »

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Looks like the MANRS logo upside down and cut to pieces.

« In a world first, the Finnish government has started issuing a logo to IoT products that meet the information security requirements set by @CERTFI. Great initiative. »

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« Today, at 15:35, we made our final /22 IPv4 allocation from the last remaining addresses in our available pool. We have now run out of IPv4 addresses.

Read our full announcement here:

In the picture, the Registration Services team at the RIPE NCC »

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« @twinnes Meines mit @kolkman hing heute sogar groß im Lunchbereich.
Hoffentlich wird die Botschaft verstanden. »

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Hey folk at

When talk about Merkeltrees I am not referring to the Bundeskanselier’s garden.

« Yes, I am one of the persons that for not years, but tens of years, have been warning for the point in time when we run out of IPv4 addresses, and why we need IPv6 deployed.

Today is the day...we just run out in the RIPE Region. »

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Maybe it is not a good idea to bang a pin through a charging cable.

The Lanyard is a electric cable.

« Cute, the lanyard is a USB charging cable.

I hope they are thoroughly investigated by researchers because the audience is probably target rich.

If you do not know what I talk about google for or watch this »

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« De knutselpiet maakte vorig jaar in een uurtje een hele mooie suprise van karton voor een autoliefhebber.
Zijn vakmanschap bleef niet onopgemerkt!
Zijn surprise wordt nu een echte auto! »

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