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Het is botercrème geworden. Bereid volgens het recept van Holtkamp (dus met zelfgemaakte gele room en kloppen dat het een aard heeft)

Ik ben benieuwd naar de opinie van @internetthought en @Japked in deze...(en die van mijn schoon moeder -Beppe-, maar die zit niet op Twitter)

« Ik maak vandaag voor het eerst oranjekoek...

De vraag is natuurlijk: slagroom of crème...

De Leeuwarder Courant brengt uitkomst met een citaat (1/2) »

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« Friends: What will you do with all your time in quarantine?

Me: Probably go bowling with my cat.

Friends: But you're not really allowed to go out of the house, and cats don't know how to bowl anyway.

Me: »

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... Sa is it ek mei oranjekoeke, de echte hat krêm, dy fan ‘we dogge konsesjes foar de Hollanders’ hat slachrjemme.”

,,Oranjekoeke is pas echte oranjekoeke as der in laachje krêm op sit. It is krekt as mei sûkerbôle, dat wurdt ek noch wolris neimakke mei in pear losse sûkerklontsjes boppeop...

Ik maak vandaag voor het eerst oranjekoek...

De vraag is natuurlijk: slagroom of crème...

De Leeuwarder Courant brengt uitkomst met een citaat (1/2)

In a while I hope to be using as my provider.

That means that I will have to move away from the xs4all email domain. I registered ‘’ as it is nice and short and comes close to kolk. I even made an image for the landing page.

And yes... this Medium article about hysteria is the result.

I will not link to it. But everybody here has seen it. It’s contrarian nature gave it over-exposure.

« What computer scientists do when they are forced to work from home: write an article about COVID19 on Medium... something about graphs, curves, stability, and resiliency...

We will see an exponentially growth in  »

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« Our bandwidth usage has doubled in the past few weeks!
We are working hard to keep up with this.

In the daily graph you can see that peak time is around 9pm to 10pm ("Netflix hour"). If you have a big download maybe try between midnight and 10am to not burden the network. »

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« some facts about coronavirus and mobile traffic... "Roaming traffic is falling by about 10% per day, with a 55% drop over the last 5 days" – "5% decrease in mobile data traffic" »

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« Telecom Italia, Italy's biggest fixed-line operator, said traffic on its landline network had soared 70% as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, largely because of increased usage of the Fortnite online game »

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« Apparently the first-ever tricontinental episode of The Last Post over zoom with the always-brilliant @aliterative & nice guy @producerchris . Podcasting is the perfect activity for . »

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Reality, just actual sad reality. This is how my father has to visit my mother.... they have been married for 65 years. Sad reality

« Painting by Dutch master Jacobus Vrel (17th century).
Little girl visiting grandmother in during epidemic in Delft or Haarlem (1660’s).
Friendly or frightening? Your choice. »

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« For the youth amongst us; this basically means something like:

👍 Stay ::1
👎 Don't FF02::1%scope_ID »

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The generation that will be the result of the -stay-at-home baby boom in December will be called the Coronials.

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